Warning: SEO can Cause Slurring

Internet marketing has been growing in scope and acclaim ever since people discovered that you could make money online. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a field of work focused on promoting websites higher up Google's results page. Some people have managed to make their fortune by excelling in SEO. However, while I... Continue Reading →

A Thought about Stories

"Change is tremendously stressful, so control the amount of newness you must face" In one of his more popular lectures, which became known by the title "How to live the rest of your life", Neil Postman warns against facing too much "newness" all at once. As a general rule, this is not only great for... Continue Reading →

T & J, or Porch Thoughts

T: "There's nothing sadder than a spiteful old-person." J: "That's that fear of death."   Much like an old man who grows vengeful at society for carrying on without him, ideologies are bred by thinking you cannot die or cease to exist. You wish to exclude and push away at the foreign elements surrounding you,... Continue Reading →

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